Family Law

When a relationship breaks down you need help with so many things. You may be anxious and have many questions. We can help you with all your problems whether they concern financial matters or the children. Our help will be sympathetic but practical and our advice sensitive to your needs but realistic. Above all we will work towards an outcome which is fair to you and your children.

Matters relating to children
How to make arrangements for children during and after separation. How separation affects children

Separation and Divorce
When, where and how to get a divorce. Information on legal issues around separation.

Property and Money Matters
How to divide property and assets and find a solution to financial matters in the interim.

Court Orders
What court orders are and how to follow, change and/or enforce them.

Family Violence
What family violence is and how it affects others. How the Courts deal with family violence.

About Going to Court
What happens at Court. Forms, publications and information about the family law courts system.

When, where and how to appeal against a court decision.

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